Saturday, January 23, 2010

Suddenly i feel like blogging again,for no apparent reason.I left my blog for dead.Sad..

January 1
First day of school,felt awkward at first ,then only it started to change.Time really flies its the end of third week of school!

January 23
Merentas desa for me ,my friends felt more like merentas CC.LOL ok so i started off okok ,boleh tahan after like 15mins i started getting tired Blablabla Reach school i Got 20th placing.First time with placing! Happy now LOL

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I'm 15!

Yeah another year has pass,i'm officially 15.The(pronounce as D) classmates help celebrated mine and matts BDay.Kinda suprise when Lydia step in that door.

So we went for BBQ steamboat near sunway.Me and matt belanja and Dylan also help pay his share because i was short of CASH$ .LOL. Then we headed for a petrol Station and blow candle there.How awesome! ''I Celebrated my birthday in a convienience store?!'' LOL then walked around aimlessly blablabla then before i knew it.It was 12am .

Say byebye to LIONNEL the BDay boy and hello to Matthew the new BDAY boy! Damn i sad.But hell yeah i had a lot of fun.Woke up arond 5.45am after their laughter got worsen.LOL there were watching PORN! Wtff damn funny.

On Matts BDAY.Went mamak and stuff then DAnGDanGdANg We played truth or dare.They(the girls ) dared me to strip! Wtff right.Damn funny actually then ...lazy type Byee!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Oh man my blog is so freaking dead.Well,im gonna blog about my recent swimming competition.To be honest,i'm quite proud of myself.Improved all 6 events and got six Fcking keychain whereas a lilBoy from SriKL improve 1 freaking event and got a fcking PSP.Pfftt,what to do.Fate wants me to buy,not Luck.

OkehOkeh,first and foremost,there were alot of Chixs.No doubt,yeah which guy wont like it right? So me jeremy john and bryan 1 room.Freakin cold amd FUN! Woke up at 5am on second day.Woooahhh. Freezed myself while they sleep.

Saw me lead anot? Cheyhh Owning sial.

50m Freestyle-28.88!





100mButterfly-1.13!!! Wooahhh Yeah!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Genting Trip

Went up to Genting with classmates.First day was funn..Too bad Matthew had fever and WE had to take turns waking up in the morning looking after him.We went out of the Hotel to take pics.Too bad i dont have any.Slept around three.FUN!
Woke up,ate a RM15 Wantanmee.Crazy prices for foods.Theme here we come,but it rained and we had to melengah-lengah while waiting .Went in around 12 played everything,damn fun!Wooohoo ..Go kart was nice,only thing we had to wear shower caps.Watch a 1am movie.2012-It was good.Highly recommended and ohyaahh 'Law Abiding Citizen' is also a damn good movie.Slept around 4am which is the earliest in the group.I was having a bad flu so..They played..So sad i missed the last night.
Cable car down..Headed back.SDS concert so yeah..Pictures awaiting :)

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

An outing i'll never forget

Yesterday-monday.I went on an outing with my dear classmates.LOL.Macam storybook sial.I reached there at 10.20 am.Found dylan,kokhong,weisiong walking together.Joined them and headed for MCD to find some girls.Later,we went to jco to find the rest of them.11am-Entered Sunway Lagoon.Played played played non-stop.

Then wei siong had this brilliant idea of going to the bridge without slippers,before we knew it.Our foots were burned due to some hot metalplates.And not just that,we were even separated and kinda lost.Not knowing where they are,we walked around for 20mins,trying to find them.

And we did,finding them screaming in the dry-park.We continued playing,and playing and playing.So fun,seriously.Aaahh,just love it.Me Galvin shaujin and Renee went to swim with the waves.Damn nicem,chilled there for like 1 hour.Syoknye..

Before i knew it,its 6pm and we showered,spilt up and went for our diner.Watch SURROGATES woth dylan , kokhong and weisiong.Quite nice and...Theend

Saturday, October 24, 2009

A movie a day,keeps boredom away!
Qoute Lionnel,for the time being.As i was so bored.I end up buying movies to watch.Watch four movies in three days.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Get a life laah!

It's over!PMR!It's freaking over.They say,whats done its done,forget the past.Wow!So inspiring..LOLOL.

Well,blog-hoping is fun though,but FB-hoping lagi syok.Wondering why ''V'' so damn bloody two face.Aku paling tak tahan doh.Babi Puii!Seriouslyman.I dont wanna say no names but omg its so WTF!Nevermind,ignorance!Yeah I love talking to myself.

Ok,firstly.I went to school today to waste my freaking time.Pihak sekolah say its important,they are discussing about form4.End up what?End up giving out slips for trip to DOMINO and melaka.OMG..


Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Penilaian Menegah Rendah 2009

A hall of 11 unknown teachers,and approxxamately 160 students.The bell rang.8:10''You may start the paper''Heart beats are louder than ever.LOL.Crap story blabla.

Monday, October 5, 2009

R.I.P ZorroLow

After a nine hours of crash course,i finally reached home.After an alas perut meal,i threw my rubbish.Then i saw Zorro motionless.Having a fly in his mouth.I was shocked.She was lying down,motionless.Not to say she is my favourite kitten.But as i stood there,tears started flowing.It did'nt stop till mum found out.She was struggling to move,catching her last moments.Looking at me,trying to move with no muscle.Before/last time she was fat but yesterday when i pat her,i felt her bones only.No lies.I cried nonstop as i sat there looking at her.It was a regretting thing.If only i could erase that picture on my mind.Till now,whenever i think of that last moments,tears will flow.After crying,mum consoled me with a few words.Had dinner at strawberries,when i reached home later.I saw it,Zorro-Dead.with her saliva all over.Once again,i broke down.Feeling so guilty.If only,if only.There she was .Dead.After losing Snowy last month,now Zorro.Had her burial in the garden.Now its all about Simba.Anyway,RIP Zorro.If only.